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Related post: Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 11:21:16 -0800 (PST) From: Cailen Vature Subject: Raven Chapter 23PLEASE READ THESE arab model lingerie DISCLAIMERS: This sandrateenmodel archive story is a very long work of gay erotic science fiction. There are some scenes of man on man action but it will not be a dominating factor in this story. cindy model videos So if you are looking sexy ls models for something to strange teens model get off to you might as well turn around now. The 14 schoolgirl model names and places in this story are entirely fictitious, any relation to persons or events are entirely coincidental. HOWEVER: they are based off of real places and events to make the story seem more plausible. If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please do the right thing... (Whatever that may be...) This story is copyrighted, 2010. To nudist models years me the author and it is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission. 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"You going to be alright?" he asked me "Yea nude boudoir models I think so" I managed to best jav models say just kind of staring off into nothing "He's going to be fine" Jay said "probably just a little bruised" My mind little models child replayed Colin's head hitting the diving board over and over and every time I swear I saw his neck snap but Jay said he was going to be alright... and then there was that feeling, a... power beneath my hands and I could see his bones mending. child model rompl I watched as his foot slipped as he jumped and he began to tumble, his momentum propelled him into a backwards summersault but he no longer had enough forward movement to clear the board. Colin's head crashed into the diving board with a sickening crack and I watched his neck bend at an awful angle and watched luna teen model helplessly as his body fell into the water like a modelling nude girls rag doll. I know I had seen it. I know braziliansexmodel what I felt... 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Warrenville doesn't destin teen model have a hospital because it simply isn't large enough. model petite pedo The local hospital is in the next town over in Spencer. Spencer is a small city located to the west and the Hospital is located right near the Local Community College young model page where my mom works. We made it to the hospital in about fifteen minutes and pulled brazil perteen models into the visitor parking lot. We got out and headed for the Emergency Room. Walking through the double set of doors I instantly recognized Colin's family from teen lacey models the same mop of dirty blonde hair surrounding at least six people in the waiting room. One of them must have recognized me when I saw a few of them look up at me and one of them came rushing over to us. "HI" an energetic girl exclaimed I looked at her. She must have been in adult ebony model middle school preeteen models erotica she seemed like a blonde mini copy of Colin with the same thin and effeminate looks, though on her she seemed more of a tomboy and looking around I noticed she was pics models child the youngest and the only girl. "Hi" I said back "I'm Dustin" "HI I'M CRYSTAL" she said in the same loud voice. "Crystal honey, who are you talking to?" I soft model sex heard a woman say and I turned and saw a woman who could only be Colin's mother come up to her and held her next to her. She was ethiopian fashion models child model porn tall blonde and gorgeous "Mom, this is Dustin underwear model top he's on the swim team with Colin" she said pointing at me Colin's mom adana youngmodels looked at me and her eyes had the same unnatural shade of blue that was the same color as a crayon. She looked at me like she was staring right through me assessing me as a possible threat and then suddenly as if coming to a conclusion she stepped forward and wrapped me in a classic boat models gentle hug. "Thank you so much for coming" she young dasha model said "they're just wrapping up the x-rays right now so cosmo models tgp we should be able to go see him in a few minutes" "How is he?" I asked "They all think he managed to get very lucky with this one, the doctor said his neck had the impact marks from stefi model nude a broken neck, but he managed to keep his spinal cord intact." She paused and sighed "it's a blessing" "I... I saw it happen..." I murmured and without warning I was babbling "He was showing off and I was so far away and he jumped and the sound... he... he fell and I tried to pull him out and... and..." I felt several dells business model arms on me and teen linguie models I looked down and saw Colin's little sister giving me sleep model toplist a hug and smiling up at me. "Well you are model thong young definitely more than welcome here" his mother said "I'm Terry" she added giving me a smile, you obviously have met Crystal" giving her a pat on the head "She's in 6th grade" "MOM!" Crystal moaned "Over here we have Colin's brother Casey" she pointed to a very tall skinny version of Colin with very long blonde hair that had been dyed with some darker streaks in it. He little model ladies was playing on a Nintendo DS "He's studying model talent network Music at Boston Conservatory" "Next bikini men model is Clayton who is studying culinary arts at Johnson and Wales" she directed to Clayton. Clayton oozed masculinity he was buff and had perfectly chiseled features and had short cropped light blonde hair that looked nearly white. Ne nodded at us and gave me a small smirk and a wink which surprised me "Chris is a freshman at UMASS Falmouth as an Electrical Engineer" She addressed another Colin copy but this one was the closest to resemble Colin. He looked older authentic model books but gluing model cars had the same overall appearance the only difference I could tell was his eyes instead of being that amazing blue color were actually a much lighter shade like Ian's which made his gaze that much more startling. He gave us a warm smile and a small wave "I'm Dustin furnace models Farrell, Ian Holliday and this is Jackson Petrie" I said addressing young pedo models Jay cp models toplist for him and taking a big gulp followed up with "my boyfriend." "Nice to meet you" she said extending her elsamodel hand. Jay reached out and took her hand in his and smiled "Pleasure is all mine" Jay said giving her a heart stopping smile Terry seemed dazed for a moment and forgot to let go stuffed little models of Jay's hand then after a few seconds dropped it as if shocked and stepped back. "You all child model nude came together?" she asked us "We were the last three still there after our swim practice, we heard Dustin yelling so we came out and helped, Jay was the one to revive Colin" Ian said to Mrs. Gallant She stepped forward again and this time wrapped her arms around Jay and gave him a tight squeeze "Thank you" adolecent nude models she said "You're welcome" Jay said "I see" she said "Well the three of you models angels calendar shouldn't have a problem with my boys, I suspect you have a lot in common. Please join us" she said ushering us to take seats with them. So we did. We waited for about an hour before the doctor finally came out and gave us any news. "Mrs. Gallant?" the doctor asked "Yes?" Terry looked up at the doctor and the standing on her feet "is he alright?" "Colin's going to be just fine, christina model naked the damage was even less than we expected I guess we're lucky he has a springy neck. I'm going to recommend that he not try those stunts again though, I don't think he'll be quite so lucky next time" the doctor warned "we're going to keep him for concussion observation overnight and then he all set to be released tomorrow morning" We all breathed a collective sigh of relief "He's awake so littlw models top if you want to visit him tasty teen models you can go in a few at a time please" the doctor said "You boys go in first, you've been waiting here all this time" She said shooing us to follow the doctor. We tried to btm tina teenmodel protest but the look jennifer belle model she was giving us was enough to keep us silent and we followed the doctor into the ER.
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